Applications for Class of 2020 are due no later than 5PM Friday, March 23rd, 2018. The Application Form for Class of 2020 can be found here.

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Application Procedure

Up to twenty-five students will be selected each year to declare a major in Neuroscience. Application will generally be made in the fourth semester by (1) meeting the course requirements for declaration—see below, (2) submitting the application. The application essay should indicate how your research experience at UVA will complement your long term interests. Please do not include personal/family medical information in the application. Students with exceptional records may apply earlier than their fourth semester if requirements are met. Students taking a Neuroscience prerequisite during the semester of application may be provisionally accepted pending receipt of semester grades. All students are expected to have started working in a UVA neuroscience research lab prior to application.

Transfer Students

Occasionally, students transferring to U.Va. between their second and third years are considered for the major through a similar application process. Transfer students are required to fulfil all prerequisites as noted below, although substitutes with transferred courses should be discussed with the director prior to applying. Please contact the director as soon as you decide to transfer to UVA.

Courses for Declaration

Prerequisites In order to apply for the major, students must be enrolled in, or have already completed the following courses and have a C+ or better in all courses or equivalent courses to declare the major.

  • BIOL 2100 Introductory Biology
  • PSYC 2200 Introduction to Psychobiology or BIOL 3050 Introduction to Neurobiology
  • CHEM 1410 Introductory College Chemistry
  • CHEM 1420 Principles of Chemistry
  • CHEM 1411 Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 1421 Chemistry Laboratory
  • MATH 1210 Applied Calculus I or MATH 1310 Calculus I (MATH 1310 is strongly recommended)

Note:  PSYC 2200 and BIOL 3050 also count toward the 30 required credits for the major. Credits obtained as Chemistry and Math requirements do not count toward 30 credits for the major. Up to two CHEM requirement courses can be substituted with other 1000 or 2000 level courses offered in Physics, Statistics, Engineering or Computer Science departments, demonstrating student’s strength in basic sciences that are relevant to neuroscience. Substitute courses should be discussed with the director prior to applying to the program.

If you are missing any of the chemistry requirements, contact the program director to discuss alternative science courses.