Double Majoring

Each major within the College of Arts and Sciences determines if you can double major and if so, how many courses you will be able to double count (that is, share between your two majors). Neuroscience students who are considering adding a second major or students who are from other majors/undeclared but considering Neuroscience as a second major should be aware of the following conditions that the Program in Fundamental Neuroscience has for double majors:

  1. The Program will approve only one double counted course for Students who declare Neuroscience in Spring 2024 and later.
  2. Due to the significant overlaps in coursework, the Program in Fundamental Neuroscience does not allow students to double major in the following:
    • Neuroscience and Biology
    • Neuroscience and Psychology
  3. Students wishing to double major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science may do so, but their Cognitive Science concentration must be in an area other than neuroscience (more information here)

Beyond these conditions, it is the responsibility of any student considering a second major to ensure that they are aware of and in compliance with each major's course sharing rules as well as College of Arts and Sciences-wide double major and course sharing rules.