How to Declare

Declaring the Neuroscience BA beginning Spring 2024

We will begin accepting declarations Friday February 16th and will accept them until Thursday, May 16th.

Beginning spring semester 2024, all students who meet the requirements below will be admitted to the BA in Neuroscience (NESC). Once admitted, students are required to take fifteen (15) credit hours of core courses, and twelve (12) credit hours of elective courses. Students must maintain at least a 2.500 GPA and a grade of C+ or better in all courses. Students will be dropped from the major if they fail to meet these requirements

Prerequisite Requirements for Admission

Students must have completed or be enrolled in at least one of the 3000-level BIOL/PSYC core NESC courses listed below, and have received or receive a C+ or above in each. If currently taking a prerequisite course, acceptance will be considered conditional until a C+ or better is earned. All courses below are 3 credits:

  • BIOL 3000 - Cell Biology 
  • BIOL 3010 - Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 3050 - Introduction to Neurobiology
  • PSYC 3160 - Cognitive Neuroscience 
  • PSYC 3200 - Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Prospective majors must also have a 2.500 cumulative GPA at UVA and be in good academic standing.

How to Declare

Sign up for Notifications

Join the NESC listserv for notifications regarding the major. Prospective students are welcome to join the mailing list before they declare.

Complete a Course Planning Form

Download and complete the Neuroscience Course Planning Form using the course lists on this page. Note the following:

  • You do not need to have completed all the Required Courses in Other Sciences before declaring, but many are prerequisites for core and elective courses so it is recommended that you complete these courses before declaring.
  • You only need to have either earned a C+ in a prerequisite course, or be currently enrolled in one in order to be eligible to declare. If you have not yet received a grade for your prerequisite course, your declaration will be accepted conditionally, pending a viable grade in your prerequisite.
  • Test and transfer credit can be used to satisfy the Required Courses in Other Sciences.
  • Required Courses in Other Sciences will not count towards the 27 required major credits.
  • Up to two CHEM requirement courses can be substituted with other 1000 or 2000 level courses offered in Engineering or Computer Science departments, demonstrating student’s strength in basic sciences that are relevant to neuroscience. Substitute courses should be discussed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval.
  • Your course plan is not binding, and indicating that you intend to take a given course in a given semester does not guarantee enrollment.
  • When your course planning form is complete, please export the spreadsheet to PDF.

Officially Declare

Students must submit a Major Declaration DocuSign form from the College of Arts and Sciences to declare officially.

  1. Carefully read the instructions in the link above, and then follow the first link to the PowerForm.
  2. Enter your information under the heading Student.
  3. Under the heading Declaration of Major/Minor Contact (DMC) enter name: Eric Dynarski email:
  4. Complete required fields in DocuSign form. You do not need to enter your prospective coursework on the DocuSign form itself.
  5. Attach the following:
    • exported PDF of your course planning form
    • unofficial transcript
  6. Sign the form and submit it.
  7. The form and attachments will be routed to the Neuroscience Undergraduate Coordinator for review. You will be contacted by email if there are any issues.

Check SIS Academic Requirements

After ten business days of submitting your declaration, your major and advisor should now appear in SIS. If it does not, and you have not been notified by DocuSign that your form has been processed, please contact so that the Undergraduate Coordinator can check the status of your declaration. Please know that if you submit a declaration outside of the window within which declarations are accepted then it will take longer than ten business days to process.