Neuroscience for Transfer Students

Neuroscience for Transfer Students

The Neuroscience BA is open to transfer students. However, the likelyhood of successfully majoring in Neuroscience as a transfer student will vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. Generally, students who transfer into UVA as 2nd year students will still have enough time to acclimate themselves to the university and take major courses at a reasonable pace without putting themselves behind schedule to complete the major on time. Students who transfer as 3rd year students, on the other hand, will have no other option but to take multiple, highly demanding courses every semester beginning with their first semester at UVA in order to remain on schedule to graduate on time. It is for this reason that, although it is possible to major in Neuroscience as a 3rd year transfer, we do not recommend it except for those students who are both well-prepared and highly motivated. Potential 3rd year transfer students who want to major in Neuroscience should speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies so they can determine if Neuroscience is a good fit for themselves.

Neuroscience Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer students are subject to the same requirements as students who began their undergraduate careers at UVA: a series of required courses in other sciences consisting minimally of 22 credits (possibly more, depending on the specific courses taken), and a series of core and elective courses consisting of 27 credits.

How to Declare Neuroscience as a Transfer Student

Students accepted to UVA are accepted into a school rather than a specific major. Transfer students who are accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences can declare Neuroscience if they meet the prerequisites. Transfer students considering Neuroscience should be aware that the prerequisite courses have their own prerequisites which may delay a transfer student from being able to enroll in a Neuroscience prerequisite.

Satisfying Requirements with Transfer Credit

The only major requirements that can be satisfied with transfer credit are the Required Courses in Other Sciences. You will not know for certain which courses at your starting institution will transfer to UVA, and what their UVA equivalents will be, until the College of Arts and Sciences has finished reviewing the credits from your starting institution. However, the College Transfer Credit Analyzer is a good starting point to see which courses may transfer, and what they may transfer as.